Lectures, reports, workshops, practicums 

Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science organizes regular public lectures of the world’s leading experts in chemistry and materials science.

Past lectures, reports, workshops, practicums


17 August 2021 T. Panikorovsky and I. Kuporev workshop “Application of the topological approach in geological research. Cooperation with FRC KSC RAS”.

3 August 2021 Yelizaveta Morkhova workshop “Modern metal-ion batteries: design, materials and main characteristics”.

12 March 2021 Artem Kabanov workshop “Modern metal-ion batteries: design, materials and main characteristics”.

12 February 2021 Artem Kabanov workshop “Mathematical modeling in the modern materials science”.


17 February 2020 D. Semykina and A. Shindrov report “Mixed-Anionic Sodium-Containing Compounds as Promising Cathode Materials”.

24 January 2020 Andrey Golov lecture “Python and its libraries for scientific applications”.


6 December 2019 Mikhail Frolov lecture “Mechanical properties: from microscopic level to macroscopic”.

22 November 2019 Pavel Zolotarev lecture “Methods of electron density distribution analysis”.

8 November 2019 Alexander Krutov lecture “Thermodynamics of Solid State”.

9 August 2019 Evgeny A. Pidko report “Operando description and modeling of catalytic systems”.

31 May 2019 Eugeny Alexandrov lecture “Properties of metal-organic coordination polymers important for applications”.

15 May 2019 Roman Eremin lecture “Machine learning approaches for solving problems in theoretical materials science”.

26 April 2019 Nadezhda Nekrasova lecture “Basics of statistical analysis methods”.

12 April 2019 Elizaveta Morkhovа lecture “Fundamentals of physics and chemistry of solid electrolytes”.

12 February 2019 Michael W. Anderson lecture “Predicting crystal growth via a unified kinetic 3-D partition model”.

6 February 2019 The report of Ekaterina Marchenko “Atomistic and quantum-chemical modeling of crystal structures and physical properties of mantle phases of variable composition”.

1 February 2019 Artem Kabanov lecture “Mechanical properties of solids: density functional theory calculations”.

16 January 2019 Olga Blatova lecture “Properties and Applications of Zeolites”.


21 December 2018 Aleksandr Shevchenko lecture “Machine Learning, Rule-Based Systems and Artificial Intelligence”.

14 December 2018 Tatiana Akhmetshina lecture “Metals, alloys, intermetallics: structure and properties”.

23 November 2018 Alexander Krutov lecture “Density functional theory: Foundations and Possibilities”.

9 November 2018 Vladislav Blatov lecture “The main approximations of quantum chemistry”.


21 November 2017 Ekaterina Bartashevich lecture “Non-covalent interactions with predominant electrostatic component: halogen, chalcogen, pnictogen, tetrel bonds. Searching for electronic criteria of pnictogen bonds in nitro compounds”.

9 November 2017 The report of Sergei Sobalev “Pnictogen bonds in crystals of organic nitro compounds”.

11 July 2017 The report of D. Sineglazov “Modelling of magnetoelastic effect in copper beryllium alloys”.

22 May 2017 Workshop “Computer topological analysis in crystal chemistry – theory and practice”.

17-19 May 2017 Workshop “Periodic Structures and Crystal Chemistry”.


21 October 2016 Tilmann Leisegang lecture «Identification and assessment of Na+ solid electrolytes»

12 October 2016 Giuseppe Fadda lecture «Computations of electronic properties of solids using DFT»

18-19 и 23-24 August 2016 Tilmann Leisegang and Falk Meutzner lectures «An introduction to crystallography: Through the diverse world of crystalline matter towards solid electrolytes»

1-2 July 2016 Workshop “Applications of topological methods in materials science”.

11 May 2016 George Kostakis lecture “3d/4f polynuclear coordination clusters in catalysis”.

4 May 2016 Victor Yushankhai lecture “Hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites for next generation solar cells”.

21 April 2016 Giuseppe Fadda lecture “Ab initio computation of elastic properties of crystalline solids: theory and practice”.

26 February 2016 Giuseppe Fadda lecture “Evolutionary algorithms for the prediction of crystalline structures: an overview”.

10 February 2016 Tilmann Leisegang lecture “Electrochemical energy storage in the context of the energy transition – Contributions of crystallography to resource-efficient new all-solid-state batteries”.

9 and 11 February 2016 Workshop “Quantum-mechanical calculations of crystal properties applying the VASP package”.


15 December 2015 George Kostakis lecture “Modern perspectives in 3d/4f coordination chemistry”.

14 October 2015 Giuseppe Fadda lecture “Symmetry in materials science: informal discussion”.