Dr. George Kostakis gave a lecture on synthesis and application of polynuclear coordination clusters 
18 May 2016

20160518-01On May 11, 2016 Dr. George Kostakis gave the lecture «3d/4f polynuclear coordination clusters in catalysis» at SCTMS conference hall.

In the lecture Dr. Kostakis outlined recent achievements of modern chemistry of coordination compounds and reported on the results of his research group’s work in the field of synthesis of polynuclear complexes of transition 3d-metals and 4f-elements.

Dr. Kostakis also demonstrated the complexes which have been synthesized for now and the fields of their possible application. One of the most illustrative examples of the lecture and notable results of his research was application of polynuclear coordination clusters as catalysts in various chemical reactions. Dr. Kostakis obtained good experimental results that consisted in substantial increase of chemical yield of the reactions catalyzed with the polynuclear complexes. It opens up new possibilities in the sphere of fine organic synthesis in general, and in pharmaceutical industry in particular.