Dr. Tilmann Leisegang gave a lecture on future of energy 
12 February 2016

f_S7FPHaaWkOn February 10, 2016 Dr. Tilmann Leisegang gave a lecture “Electrochemical energy storage in the context of the energy transition – contributions of crystallography to resource-efficient new all-solid-state batteries” at Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science.

Dr. Tilmann Leisegang teaches and undertakes research at the Institute of Experimental Physics of Freiberg University of Mining and Technology (TUBAF, Germany).

Dr. Leisegang told the audience about Freiberg University of Mining and Technology and his research work. He presented comprehensive overview of a wide range of issues and risks in the field of energy storage and generation and reported on crystallography contributions to development of new all-solid-state batteries. Dr. Leisegang presented a list of chemical elements which are most interesting for production of solid electrolytes and batteries. The list considers over 40 parameters of these chemical elements including conductivity, ecological factors, recyclability, environmental safety, etc. On the basis thereof chemical substances with good prospects were determined and it caused a considerable discussion of Dr. Leisegang and the audience.

“Dr. Tilmann Leisegang is a multi-discipline expert, - says Prof. Blatov, director of SCTMS, - he teaches several courses at the university and advises postgraduate students. He successfully forges relationships with the industry and has already concluded several contracts with commercial firms and enterprises. Recently, Dr. Leisegang actively pursues scientific research. It’s important to emphasize that he’s focused on practical application of research results in German industry. At present, we’re involved in preparation and submission of joint grant proposals to German foundations. We’ve already submitted one application. We hope that our cooperation will result in joint scientific publications, as well as in joint projects funded by German and Russian foundations and practical application of our research outcomes in the industries of both countries”.

SCTMS research fellows Dr. Artem Kabanov, Dr. Aleksandr Shevchenko, Prof. Vladimir Saleev and Natalia Kabanova will take part in cooperation with Dr. Leisegang.

Next time Dr. Tilmann Leisegang will visit SCTMS in May-June 2016 and hold a lecture course for students and postgraduate students.