Open lectures of Dr. Pavlo Solokha on Crystal Chemistry of Intermetallics at SCTMS 
16 July 2017

20170712-04Dr. Pavlo Solokha (Department of Inorganic and Industrial Chemistry, the University of Genoa, Italy) gave the first open lecture at SCTMS (1, Akademik Pavlov St.). We invite everyone interested to join us at next lectures on July 14 (Friday), July 19 (Wednesday) and July 21 (Friday) at 3 p.m. in the conference hall of SCTMS (1, Akademik Pavlov St.).

The lecture course will introduce participants to peculiarities of synthesis, structure and functional properties of intermetallic compounds as well as symmetry principle in crystallography of intermetallics.

The lecture course structure:

Part I. Synthesis, structure and functional properties of intermetallic compounds.

Part II. Symmetry principle in crystallography: crystallochemical studies in R-M-Ge (R-rare earth, M-other metal) ternary systems; synthesis and characterisation of ternary R-M-Mg ternary systems, structural peculiarities of numerous LPSO (long period stacking ordered) compounds.


Intermetallics is the short and summarizing designation for intermetallic compounds and phases, which result from the combination of various metals and which form a tremendously numerous and manifold class of materials. According to the simple definition in [1] intermetallics are compounds of metals whose crystal structures differ from those of the constituent metals, and intermetallic phases and ordered alloys are thus included. During the last 20 years intermetallic compounds (IMCs) have aroused enormous and still-increasing interest in materials science and technology with respect to applications at high temperatures. Various new structural materials are being developed around the world, in particular in the United States, Japan, and Germany. Besides intermetallics with outstanding high-temperature performance, intermetallics with other outstanding physical properties led to the development of new functional material much earlier. The results of the numerous and manifold research and development activities on intermetallics have been published in the respective conference proceedings volumes and review monographs [2–6] in addition to scientific journals and research reports.

During planned lections a general overview on the crystal – properties relations would be done for intermetallic compounds. Particular emphasis will be dedicated to synthetic methods of intermetalloids preparation. Moreover, separate seminars will be deduced to our research activities, several examples of symmetry reduction principle would be discussed along with structural peculiarities of novel germanides. Because of potential interest as novel, light and hard materials, Mg-rich intermetallics have been studied; experimental difficulties and novel approaches would be highlighted.


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