IUPAC commission published an article on results of its meeting in Samara in Crystal Growth & Design 
18 May 2018

20180510-03On May 7, 2018, Crystal Growth & Design journal published the article on the results of IUPAC commission meeting (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPAC) that was held in Samara in May 2015.

The article «Deconstruction of Crystalline Networks into Underlying Nets: Relevance for Terminology Guidelines and Crystallographic Databases» is dedicated to standardization of description methods of crystalline networks, and one of the methods studied in the article is one implemented in ToposPro, a software package being developed by SCTMS team. The article presents scientific terminology concerning the issue and gives examples of crystalline structures’ analysis.

The team of contributors included a chairman of IUPAC Prof. Lars Öhrström (Sweden) and IUPAC members, leading experts in chemistry and theoretical materials science from several countries and continents (obligatory condition of IUPAC commission legitimacy – Dr. Charlotte Bonneau (Sweden), Michael O'Keeffe (USA), Prof. Davide Proserpio (Italy), Prof. Vladislav Blatov (Russia), Prof. Stuart Batten (Australia), Prof. Susan Bourne (Republic of South Africa), Prof. Myoung Soo Lah (South Korea), Prof. Jean-Guillaume Eon (Brazil), Prof. Stephen Hyde (Australia), Dr. Seth Wiggin (UK).

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Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science is among the organizers of the IUPAC project meeting and workshop