Delegation of the SCTMS at the XI National Crystal Chemical Conference 
8 July 2024

20240708-01SCTMS staff spoke at the XI National Crystal Chemical Conference (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Nalchik, July 1–5, 2024). Professor Vladislav Blatov acted as a key-note speaker, Ekaterina Bukhteeva made an oral report. There were also 6 poster presentations; Dr. Elizaveta Morkhova received a prize for the best poster.

The conference was held at the Congress Center of the Sindika Hotel. Among the organizers are the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Federal Research Center for Problems of Chemical Physics and Medical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Materials and Nanomaterials.

Professor Vladislav Blatov gave a key-note lecture “Topological approaches to modeling crystal structures of inorganic compounds,” in which he spoke about the development of the previously proposed topological model of reconstructive solid-phase transformations. The developed methods were used to model new metal borides, carbides, nitrides and silicides, as well as carbon allotropes. Calculations made it possible to identify potentially stable phases and correlations between geometric-topological and mechanical properties.

Samara Polytechnic graduate student and research assistant at the SCTMS Ekaterina Bukhteeva gave a presentation on “Topological approach to modeling new carbon allotropes.” The report discussed the use and improvement of the approach to describing reconstructive solid-phase transitions, which is based on the analysis of topological transformations of periodic atomic networks. The concept of a “solid-phase reaction zone” as a space for the formation of new bonds was introduced, and various options for its definition were proposed, including using the natural tiling model. The co-authors of the study are Dr. A. Kabanov and Prof. V. Blatov.

The poster session was attended by Ekaterina Barabanova with a report “Topologies of metal-organic frameworks containing infinite building blocks”,Dr. Olga Blatova with a poster “Topological analysis of intermetallic phases formed in binary systems”, Dr. Yelizaveta Morkhova with a poster “Search for new Na+-conducting materials among halogen-oxo-polyanionic compounds”, Maria Solodovnikova with a poster “Topological analysis and structural role of silicon frameworks in metal silicides” and Vladislav Osipov with a report “Modeling of inorganic carbides by topological methods”. The report of Dr. Alexander Shevchenko “Topological assembly of crystals of coordination compounds” was presented remotely. The poster presentation by Dr. Yelizaveta Morkhova was highly appreciated and recognized as the best in the poster competition.