Ekaterina Bukhteeva became a recipient of the Presidential scholarship 
21 June 2024

20240621-07Laboratory assistant-researcher of the SCTMS, graduate student of Samara Polytechnic University Ekaterina Bukhteeva was among 500 graduate students and adjuncts conducting scientific research as part of the implementation of the priorities of scientific and technological development of Russia and awarded a new Presidential scholarship.

Monthly payments will amount to 75 thousand rubles throughout the entire period of study.

More than 4.7 thousand applications were received for the competitive selection, of which 97% were admitted to expert evaluation. Representatives from all federal districts from 73 constituent entities of Russia took part in the selection. Candidates are nominated by the scientific supervisor in agreement with the university administration.

Ekaterina works under the supervision of Prof. Vladislav Blatov, and her research interests include crystal chemistry, carbon allotropes, metal-organic frameworks. The direction of Ekaterina’s work corresponds to one of the strategies of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation, namely “The transition to advanced digital, intelligent production technologies, robotic systems, new materials and design methods, the creation of systems for processing large volumes of data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.”