Results of V. Blatov and O. Blatova’s visit to China 
20 May 2024

20240520-04From May 8 to 18, 2024, Professor Vladislav Blatov and senior researcher at the SCTMS Dr. Olga Blatova were on a business trip to the Northwestern Polytechnic University (NWPU, Xi'an, China) to organize joint scientific research and academic exchange between Samara Polytechnic University and NWPU.

During the visit, Professor V. Blatov was inaugurated as a visiting professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering of the Northwestern Polytechnic University and received a certificate for joint supervising students studying at the North-West Polytechnic University in PhD programs with Professor Wang Junjie.

Prof. V. Blatov and Dr. O. Blatova conducted classes with undergraduate students of Northwestern Polytechnic University on the topic “Topological Methods and Tools for Analysis of Crystal Structures”, including theoretical foundations and a practical master class on the use of topological methods for analyzing crystal structures developed at the SCTMS. Professor V. Blatov conducted scientific consultations for NWPU master's students. Prof. V. Blatov and Dr. O. Blatova visited the experimental laboratories of the NorthwesternPolytechnic University and got acquainted with the work being carried out there on the synthesis and research of new intermetallic materials.