The project of Dr. Olga Blatova is supported by the Russian Science Foundation 
3 December 2023

imageDr. Olga Blatova, a senior researcher at SCTMS, has won the RSF competition "Conducting basic scientific research and prospecting research by small individual scientific groups" for 2023. The research will be realized in 2 years with funding of 1.5 million rubles per year.

Application number and title: 24-23-00117 "Crystal chemical factors in the formation of structures of metal deposits". The aim of the project is to establish correlations between geometrical and topological properties of crystal structures formed in metallic systems and the chemical composition of the corresponding solid solutions (alloys) and intermetallic compounds. As a result, crystallochemical (relying on chemical, geometrical and topological properties of the structure) factors (conditions) to which a stable intermetallic phase in the crystalline state should obey will be formulated. Among the expected results of the research are the prediction and synthesis of new intermetallic phases, creation of an Internet service with online access and the possibility of predicting the structure and composition of new intermetallic phases.

The research team consists of SCTMS employees and members of the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry of Samara State Technical University Maria Solodovnikova, Tikhon Slavnov, Oleg Pichkaev, Anastasia Afanasyeva and Dr. Ekaterina Dvoryanova.