School of Young Scientists in Novosibirsk 
15 September 2023

20230915-01SCTMS employees took part in the Third School of Young Scientists “Electrochemical devices: processes, materials, technologies”, which took place from September 11 to 13, 2023 at the meeting hall “Tocka kipeniya” of the Academy Park in Novosibirsk.

Professor Vladislav Blatov made an online report at the plenary session of the conference and spoke about combined methods for modeling conductivity in crystals.

At the plenary session, Dr. Artem Kabanov also made an oral presentation on the topic “Atomistic modeling for predicting ionic conductivity in crystals: an example of compounds MNb2O6 (M = Mg, Ca, Zn) and MLn3TQ7 (M = Zn, Al; T = Al, Si, Ga, Ge;Q = S, Se).

At the poster session, Alexander Antonyk and Dr. Yelizaveta Morkhova presented posters with their research. Alexander’s project “Theoretical search for new polyanionic materials for high-valent metal-ion batteries” was carried out in collaboration with colleagues E. Morkhova and A. Kabanov. Yelizaveta presented the poster “High-throughput crystal chemical search for promising sodium-conducting chalcogenides”.

There was also a discussion of current and future joint research between SCTMS and Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry of the Siberian Branch of the RAS.