We continue to accept congratulations on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the SCTMS 
28 July 2023

20230702-01Our Center was congratulated by foreign colleagues: Prof. Roald Hoffman Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, professor of Cornell University and Prof. Davide Proserpio scientific consultant of SCTMS, professor of chemistry department of Milan University.

Friends at the Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science!

I am so pleased to join in celebrating ten years of the SCTMS. So much has been accomplished – structure is at the foundations of understanding, and you have given the world new, efficient, and reliable ways to see structure in the world. Networks, lattices, interweavings – all these have become understandable though your work – seeing them in nature, and thinking up new ones waiting to be made. And, of course, nature is dynamic, change is at the heart of chemistry. So you have taught us and your students how to look at the motions of molecules and three-dimensional structures. At the quantum level too.

Vladislav and Davide, thank you for ten years of hard work and inspiration coming from Samara. You have launched in to our intellectual cosmos a new, vibrant institute.

Roald Hoffmann, chemist and writer, Cornell University

Dear friends,
in the era of AI here is my message for the SCTMS anniversary....refined with the assistance of ChatGPT!

Celebrating the ten-year anniversary of SCTMS it's a pretty special moment for me. I remember our collaboration with Vladislav, starting with emails back in 2003, using Topos on DOS. Who would have thought it would lead us to where we are now?

Our journey has been one of growth, dedication, and passion for the field of topological crystal chemistry.

We've come a long way since then, with ToposPro and TopCryst becoming essential tools for scientists worldwide. Our international schools have been a great success, bringing together learners and researchers from all over the world.

One of the hallmarks of SCTMS is the opportunity it has provided us to connect with eminent scientists from various fields. Hosting Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann from Cornell and the exceptional crystal chemist and geometer of nature, Mike O'Keeffe from ASU, were moments that enriched our intellectual landscape and inspired us to aim higher.

I'm proud to have been SCTMS's first Scientific Director and am now happily serving as an Advisor. SCTMS has become the go-to place for topological crystal chemistry in MOFs, zeolites, and intermetallics. Witnessing its growth and evolution has been deeply rewarding.

To all the brilliant minds who've been part of SCTMS, past and present, thank you! Your hard work and dedication have made this institute what it is today.

As we mark this momentous occasion, let us celebrate not just the achievements but also the spirit of collaboration, exploration, and innovation that define SCTMS. Together, we have pushed the boundaries of knowledge and opened new frontiers in crystal chemistry.

Here's to SCTMS and many more years of advancing science together!

Davide M. Proserpio