Four employees of SCTMS are laureates of the “Young Scientist” competition 
21 July 2023

20230721-01Ekaterina Bukhteeva, Maria Solodovnikova, Alexander Antonyuk and Alexander Burchakov were among the winners of the Young Scientist-2023 competition in the field of natural and technical sciences.

Alexander Burchakov became the winner in the nomination "PhD" with a series of scientific papers on the topic "Computer modeling of physical and chemical transformations in multicomponent systems" in the section “Chemistry”.

Ekaterina Buhteeva and Maria Solodovnikova became the winners in the nomination "Student" in the section "Chemistry". Ekaterina presented the study "Topological approach to reductive solid-state transitions and its application to the generation of new carbon allotropes", and Maria Solodovnikova submitted the article Local Atomic Configurations in Intermetallic Crystals: Beyond the First Coordination Shell, published in the journal “Inorganic Chemistry”, as a competitive entry.

In the field of technical sciences in the nomination "Student" the winner was Alexander Antonyuk with the study "Perspective oxygen-ion conductors of the composition LnaXbOz: geometric and energy calculations".