Dr. Natalya Kabanova spoke at a conference in Apatity 
29 April 2023

20230429-03Dr. Natalya Kabanova took part in the IV Conference "Research and development in the field of chemistry and technology of functional materials" (with international participation) dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the ICT KSC RAS. The conference events were held from 17 to 21 April 2023.

170 participants from 22 cities of Russia and abroad discussed a wide range of scientific and applied problems related to the prospects for the development of the raw material base and the processing of a complex of natural resources with raw materials for various purposes; metallurgical and hydrometallurgical processes; research on synthesis and application functional materials; technologies of building materials; disposal of food processing waste; economics and ecology of new technological processes.

Natalya made an oral presentation in the section "Study of the synthesis, properties and application of functional micro- and nanostructured materials". The reports of this section presented the results of research in the field of synthesis, studies of the structure, physical characteristics and application of functional materials for various purposes, as well as a wide range of methods for the synthesis of materials, and modern methods for studying their structure and properties, both theoretical and experimental. Natalya spoke about oxygen-ionic conductivity in compounds with a hollandite type structure LnMo6O12 (Ln = Pr, Nd).