Vladislav Osipov received a grant from the President of the Russian Federation 
9 December 2022

20170928-03Laboratory researcher at SCTMS, undergraduate of the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology Vladislav Osipov was among the winners of the competition for grants from the President of the Russian Federation. The grant is a monthly scholarship of 20,000 rubles during the established period of study in the master's program.

For the competition, Vladislav submitted a scientific study related to the physicochemical analysis of inorganic systems. The main results of the study were presented in the scientific publication "Phase equilibria in the three-component reciprocal system Na+, Ba2+||Br-, WO42-", published in the "Journal of Inorganic Chemistry", in collaboration with Maria Sukharenko, Ivan Garkushin and Alexei Radchenko (Samara Polytechnic University).