ToposPro is now in 100 countries of the world! 
22 August 2022

20220822-07A milestone is demonstrated by the distribution statistics of the ToposPro software package. At the moment, more than 5.5 thousand licenses are registered and this number is constantly growing by 120 licenses per month. The program is used by scientists and employees of educational organizations in 100 countries.

“The milestone we have reached is not just a round number, it is evidence that our methods are used in all countries of the world where there are being developed or just starting to develop new materials,” comments one of the ToposPro developers, Director of the Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science (SCTMS), Prof. Vladislav Blatov. “If you look at the map showing the number of ToposPro users, you can get a rough idea of the development of theoretical materials science in the world. The leaders are countries with highly developed science - China, Russia, Europe, the USA, Japan, South Korea, but also those where the formation of big science is now going on very rapidly - India, Brazil, Iran. We cooperate with scientists from all these countries. But there are many countries where the science of materials is just breaking through the first sprouts, and the researchers of these countries are just getting acquainted with our methods. What is important is that they are all doing the same thing, working on common tasks, and our software and other electronic resources that we develop contribute to uniting their efforts. For me, this is the most important thing – science should unite people.”

We recall that ToposPro is a program package for comprehensive analysis of geometrical and topological properties of periodic structures (crystals, networks, tilings).