The extension of the RSF 19-73-10026 grant 
8 July 2022

20160404-01The Russian Science Foundation has extended its funding for the SCTMS project "Theory, methods of modeling and directional search for a new multivalent ionic conductors by crystallochemical analysis methods and quantum-mechanical modeling". The grant work under the guidance of the head of the laboratory for the synthesis of new crystalline materials, Dr. Artem Kabanov, will be carried out for another 2 years with funding of 6 million rubles per year.

The experts noted the high level of work of the team implementing the project, and also expressed confidence that the results of the project will be in demand in the development of new types of batteries based on high-valent ionic conductors.

The extension of the project is aimed at developing the created database of ionic conductors BatteryMaterials and the service for automatic analysis of ionic diffusion in Pathfinder crystals. A large amount of work is also planned on the theoretical search for high-valent cationic conductors among halides and oxofluorides and the synthesis of the most promising substances.

Thanks to the RSF grant, the necessary equipment will be purchased: a charge-discharge stand, a multi-channel potentiostat-galvanostat, a tube furnace, etc.