SCTMS employees made oral presentations at FPSSI-2022 
7 July 2022

20220707-01Yelizaveta Morkhova and Alexander Antonyuk returned from the conference on materials for chemical power sources - the 16th International Meeting "Fundamental Problems of Solid State Ionics". The event was held at the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Chernogolovka from June 27 to July 3.

Yelizaveta spoke in the section "Experimental and Theoretical Methods for Studying Processes in Solid-State Ionic and Mixed Conductors" with a report "Superionic conductivity in pure and Li/Cu-doped MgNb2O6: theoretical analysis and experimental testing". Among the co-authors of Yelizaveta are colleagues not only from SCTMS (Artеm Kabanov and Prof. Vladislav Blatov), but also from other scientific centers – M. Koroleva (Komi Scientific Center, Syktyvkar) and A. Egorova (IHTE, Yekaterinburg).

Alexander presented his report "Perspective oxygen-ion conductors of the composition LnaXbOz: geometric and energy calculations" in the section "Electrode processes and electrocatalysis at interphase boundaries". Alexander's co-authors were N. Kabanova and E. Morkhova.

Also, our employees took part in the V School of Young Scientists "Hydrogen and Electrochemical Energy", which was held in parallel with the Meeting.