SCTMS employees won two Provincial grants in the field of science and technology 
24 June 2022

20210710-02The results of the examination of works and projects in the field of science and technology were summed up. The holders of the Provincial grants for the first half of 2022 became two employees of the SCTMS: Dr. Natalia Kabanova and Dr. Evgeniy Frolov.

Dr. Natalia Kabanova, the Leading Engineer of the Laboratory of Crystal Chemistry and Crystal Design of the Moscow Scientific Research Center for Thermal Technology, will receive 290,000 rubles for the development of the project "Directed Search for New Promising Oxygen-Ion Conductors for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells".

The project of senior researcher of the Laboratory for the synthesis of new crystalline materials Dr. Evgeniy Frolov "Synthesis and study of the electrochemical properties of new zinc-containing materials with predicted ionic conductivity" will be supported by the amount of 423,000 rubles.