The project of Prof. V. Blatov was supported by the Russian Science Foundation 
7 April 2022

20160404-01The scientific team of the SCTMS led by Prof. Vladislav Blatov won a grant from the Russian Science Foundation in the 2022 competition "Conducting fundamental and exploratory scientific by individual scientific groups." The study will be implemented for three years with funding of 7 million rubles per year.

Application number and title: 22-13-00062 "Topological methods for the design of crystal structures and directed search for new superhard materials". The aim of the project is to develop new approaches to the prediction and design of crystal structures of inorganic compounds based on the analysis and transformation of their systems of chemical bonds, as well as the practical application of the developed approaches to the search for new superhard materials.

As a result of the project, for the first time, an integrated topological approach to the search for new crystal structures of inorganic compounds will be developed and theoretically substantiated, which will significantly increase the speed and efficiency of the development of new materials due to more economical and intelligent scanning of the space of possible geometric configurations.

Using the developed computer tools, the scientific group plans to find new structures of inorganic compounds, in particular, metal borides, carbides, nitrides and silicides with high hardness. All created tools (software, electronic databases and knowledge bases) will be available for free use on the resources and