Elizaveta Morkhova became one of the winners of the final selection for the program “UMNIK Samara Region 2021” 
7 December 2021

20211207-01Elizaveta Morkhova's project became one of the 20 best ones according to the results of the competition events of the UMNIK program of the Innovation Promotion Fund. A total of 220 young scientists and entrepreneurs took part in the competition. 84 projects made it to the semifinals. Elizaveta took part in the direction "New materials and chemical technologies".

Elizaveta’s project "Development of Combined Methods for Predicting Oxygen Conductors for Electrochemical Power Sources" is aimed at developing and mastering technologies for renewable energy sources. The project is intended to search for new promising oxygen-ion conductors as materials for solid oxide fuel cells.

The winners conclude an agreement with the Fund for 2 years and receive financial support in the form of 500 thousand rubles grant for research and implementation of the declared project.

The award ceremony took place at the Zhigulevskaya Dolina Technopark on December 2, 2021.