Four projects of scientists from SCTMS were supported by the Russian Science Foundation 
6 December 2021

20160404-01The projects of Prof. Alexander Krutov, Dr. Olga Blatova, Dr.Natalia Kabanova and Dr.Pavel Zolotarev received funding from the Russian Science Foundation as part of the 2021 competition "Conducting fundamental scientific research and exploratory research by small separate scientific groups."

The projects of SCTMS employees are focused on the design and development of new materials. For the next 2 years porous materials, alloys and various kinds of conductors will be closely monitored by small research groups (up to 4 people). The average grant for each project is 1.49 million rubles per year.

Under the leadership of Prof. Alexander Krutov the development of new porous materials based on three-periodic surfaces will be carried out, as well as the theoretical and experimental study of their thermomechanical properties (22-23-00300).

Dr. Olga Blatova will develop a hybrid topological-quantum-mechanical method for the design of high-entropy alloys (22-23-00322).

The study of conducting materials will be carried out by Dr. Natalya Kabanova, the topic of her project is "Directed search for new promising oxygen-ion conductors using new generation prediction methods" (22-23-00355) and Dr. Pavel Zolotarev with the work "Development of methods for the search for promising proton-conducting materials based on metal-organic frameworks "(22-23-00506).