Dr. Eugeny Alexandrov and Elizaveta Morkhova performed at Mendeleev 2021 
15 September 2021

20210915-01Our employees took part in the XII International Conference of Young Scientists "Mendeleev 2021", which was held in St. Petersburg from 6 to 10 September. Elizaveta Morkhova and Dr. Eugeny Aleksandrov made oral presentations in the section "Computer modeling and chemical informatics". Eugeny’s report was recognized as the best in the section. He was presented with an XP-PEN Deco Pro Medium graphics tablet for graphics and illustrations.

The Mendeleev Youth Conference is one of the largest scientific events for young chemists in Russia. This year the conference brought together representatives from 20 countries, 834 registered participants, more than 500 of them found the opportunity to participate in person in our difficult time, and 194 participants made oral presentations. Leading Russian and foreign scientists in the field of chemistry were invited as plenary lecturers and key speakers.

Dr. Eugeny Aleksandrov and Elizaveta Morkhova spoke in the subsection "Calculations on materials and inorganic chemistry" in the section thematically related to computer modeling. Eugeny made a presentation "Topological methods for analysis of porous materials: pores, breathing, conductivity, transformations ” while Elizaveta presented the results of her work with Dr. A. Kabanov, Dr. T. Leisegang and Prof. V.A. Blatov – “Theoretical evaluation of new promising solid ion conductors for multivalent metal-ion batteries”.