The extension of the RSF 18-73-10116 grant 
13 July 2021

20160404-01The Russian Science Foundation has extended its funding for the SCTMS project "Methods for the topological design of coordination polymers". The grant work under the guidance of the head of the laboratory for the synthesis of new crystalline materials, Dr. Eugeny Alexandrov, will be carried out for another 2 years with funding of 6 million rubles per year.

The application for the extension of the grant made a favorable impression on the experts, who noted the value of the results already obtained, and the balanced approach that combines original theoretical methods with their experimental verification, and the high level of the scientific team. The subsequent implementation of the project will include a number of theoretical tasks, for example, the development of approaches to the controlled production of intertwining coordination polymers, the replenishment and improvement of the already created knowledge bases on the properties of materials. Due to the development of new methods for the design of coordination polymers, new materials for electronics, sensors, and sorption technologies will be synthesized. The purchase of the necessary experimental equipment is also planned.

Experts are convinced that further implementation of the project will not only give an additional impetus to the development of synthetic chemistry MOF, but will also open the way for a wider application of MOF in industry.