RSC Horizon Prize 2021 has been awarded to our scientists 
8 June 2021

20210608-01Prof. Vladislav Blatov and Prof. Davide Proserpio, together with the research team of Prof. Michael Anderson from the University of Manchester, received the Horizon Prize 2021 from the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK) in the Materials Chemistry Division for the development of a universal computer program for simulating the growth of crystals CrystalGrower.

CrystalGrower software based on the Monte Carlo method simulates the shape, structural defects and surface topography of crystals of various types on a micro level. This invention, according to the committee on awards of the Royal Society of Chemistry, turned out to be the most significant achievement in the field of chemistry and materials science of the current year.

The development team includes scientists from the UK, Russia, Italy, Norway, Australia and Singapore – all of them will receive certificates of winners and memorabilia of the Horizon Prize. The prize also includes a multimedia package showing the work of the winners and its importance.

The winners' page is available on the Royal Society of Chemistry website.


The Horizon Prize was established by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2020. The award recognizes discoveries in modern chemical science that are at the forefront of research and innovation. The prizes are intended for teams or collaborations that open up new directions and opportunities in their field through innovative scientific developments.