Dr. Eugeny Alexandrov gave a lecture at the Qubit festival 
1 May 2021

20210501-05The head of the laboratory for the synthesis of new crystalline materials, Dr. Eugeny V. Alexandrov, was among the lecturers of the 4th festival of STEAM professions Qubit, aimed at high school students, university students and people interested in exact sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Dr. Eugeny Alexandrov is a specialist in the study and synthesis of crystalline substances. In his lecture "Crystals in the service of the future: microporous sponges, sieves, traps, guards and postmen", he explained in detail and in a simple way how many new substances have a crystalline structure and how these materials can change the future. Molecular sieves, capable of capturing greenhouse gases directly in the chimney; crystal sponges that absorb radioactive contaminants, and do it reversibly; protection against harmful substances by molecular filtration; precise delivery of drugs by nanoparticles to the address of diseased cells – all this is gradually becoming a reality, thanks to the development of natural sciences and technologies.

This year the festival was held in the format of an online marathon, and a 45-minute lecture by Dr. Eugeny Alexandrov, which he presented in the "Technology" hall, remains available on the festival page and on the YouTube channel.