Ilya Bezuglov and Dr. Evgeniy Frolov participated in the scientific school in Skoltech 
28 November 2020

20201128-01Ilya Bezuglov and Evgeniy Frolov became participants of the V International Conference of Young Scientists 2020 "Topical problems of modern electrochemistry and electrochemical materials science" (practical aspects). The conference was held from 13 to 17 November at the Skoltech Center for Energy Science and Technology (CEST).

The school was organized jointly by the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology under a grant from the Russian Science Foundation. The program of the school-conference consisted of two parts: lectures and practical exercises. The lectures covered the problems of modern electrochemistry in the field of chemical current sources and methods of analysis of electroactive materials. Some of the topics of the lectures were the following: “Introduction to Li-ion batteries” – Prof. E. Antipov; “Introduction to electrode and battery fabrication” - Dr. Vladislav Gorshkov; “Electrochemistry of Li-ion batteries” – Prof. Victoria Nikitina; “Processes in battery electrodes and their characterization” – Prof. Stanislav Fedotov and Dr. Ivan Trussov; “Battery electrodes at local scale” – Prof. Artem Abakumov and Dr. Maria Kirsanova. The practical part of the school included the study of the entire technological process of the production of metal-ion batteries from the preparation of pastes of electrode materials and their application to current collectors, to electrochemical testing of the cells obtained.

The result of the school was a session of participants' reports dedicated to the research carried out within the framework of the practical part. Evgeniy Frolov's group studied the parameters of the battery build and the peculiarities of the interpretation of the results of electrochemical measurements. The group, in which Ilya Bezuglov participated, solved the problem of the need and sufficiency of adding an electrically conductive additive to the composite of lithium and magnesium-containing cathode material together with a carbon coating.