PhD student and employee of SCTMS Yelizaveta Morkhova received grant support from RFBR 
24 August 2020

20180212-03The application of Yelizaveta Morkhova (scientific supervisor – Prof. Vladislav Blatov) was included in the list of supported projects in the 2020 competition for the best projects of fundamental scientific research carried out by young scientists studying in graduate school.

The area of knowledge in which Yelizaveta works (according to the RFBR classifier) is the fundamental basis for the creation of new metal, ceramic and composite materials. The theme of her project is "Combined methods for predicting a new generation of ion-conducting materials: development and subsequent experimental testing".

Over the next 2 years of the project's implementation, Yelizaveta plans to modify for her tasks the combined crystal-chemical and quantum-chemical methods for predicting materials for the new types of metal-ion batteries. She plans to synthesize a number of theoretically calculated materials and test their ion-conducting properties experimentally. The new types of metal-ion batteries are expected to have better performance than existing lithium-ion batteries. Also, the project's tasks include expanding the existing knowledge base on ionic conductors - (supervisor – a senior research scientist at SCTMS Artem Kabanov).