SCTMS opens a laboratory at the LPI RAS 
10 February 2020

20200210-01Four SCTMS employees were hired by the Samara branch of the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (LPI RAS). At the moment, cooperation has begun with the laboratory for modeling and automation of laser systems (Head of the laboratory – S. P. Kotova). The organization of a laboratory of theoretical materials science is in progress.

LPI is known for his research in the field of optics and the study of various applications of laser radiation. Now employees are actively discussing cooperation points in these two areas, exchanging visits, and participating in scientific seminars. SCTMS also plans to introduce a new topic into the list of LPI RAS scientific areas – design, synthesis, and study of metal-organic frameworks (MOF). Using the equipment for physical measurements that the institute possesses SCTMS employees to begin a detailed study of the physical properties of MOFs.

The following SCTMS employees started to work at the Lebedev Physical Institute: Alexander Krutov, Deputy Director for research at the SCTMS; Eugeny Alexandrov, Head of the laboratory of synthesis of new crystalline materials; Aleksandr Shevchenko, Senior Research Scientist at the laboratory of crystal chemistry and crystal design; and Artem Kabanov, Senior Research Scientist at the laboratory of mathematical modeling of materials.