Dr. Tilmann Leisegang’s article in top the most viewed pages in Frontiers in Chemistry 
10 December 2019

20191210-01An article by Dr. Tilmann Leisegang and his working group, co-authored with the employees of the SCTMS about aluminum-ion batteries, has become the most viewed article in Frontiers in Chemistry. Published on May 1, 2019, the article “The Aluminum-Ion Battery: A Sustainable and Seminal Concept?” was total views 11,121 on December 5.

Dr. Tilmann Leisegang is an expert in the field of solid electrolytes and the editorial team of Frontiers in Chemistry – Inorganic Chemistry invited him in 2018 to write a review article on the creation of aluminum-ion batteries. Online publication of the work took place in May, and since November 2019 this article with more than 10,000 views belongs to the “Most Viewed” category in this section of the magazine. Moreover, the article already has more views than 93% of all Frontiers articles ever published.

As a result of global changes in the field of energy, the development of electromobility, electrochemistry and the creation of batteries are becoming an increasingly urgent problem. This is evidenced by the fact that the creators of lithium-ion batteries won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. In the article “The Aluminum-Ion Battery: A Sustainable and Seminal Concept?” the authors describe the chemical limitations of the batteries and provide an assessment of the chemical elements for use in battery design. Scientists classify aluminum batteries, critically examine existing positive electrodes and solid electrolytes, and draw a promising path for accelerated development of new materials in the field of electrochemistry.

In May 2019, the European Commission issued a list of “100 radical innovative breakthroughs of the future”, which mentions the aluminum-based battery chemistry as the only battery technology. “This shows the importance of our research, – says Tilmann Leisegang, – but a diversification in battery chemistries is all the more important because the material supply challenges we will face are even greater”.

Dr. Tilmann Leisegang is a frequent visitor at the SCTMS. During his recent short-term visit (December 1 to 3), scientists discussed current working issues and the text of a joint application for an international grant from the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) – Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).


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