Natalia Kabanova took part in the International Сonference on Сrystal chemistry, Х-ray and Spectroscopy of Minerals 
17 July 2019

20190717-01Natalya Kabanova, leading engineer at the SCTMS, returned from the XIX International Сonference on Сrystal chemistry, Х-ray and Spectroscopy of Minerals (July 2–6, Apatity, Murmansk region).

The conference was organized by the Federal Research Center "Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences" (FRC KSC RAS) in cooperation with the Commission on Crystal chemistry, X-ray diffraction and Spectroscopic Studies of Minerals of Russian Mineralogical Society. This year the conference was dedicated to the memory of E. S. Fedorov (1853–1919) – a Russian mineralogist, mining engineer and mathematician, one of the founders of modern crystallography.

The conference was attended by about 200 representatives of Russian and foreign universities and research centers with oral and poster presentations. Natalia presented an oral report on the topic "Fast ion conductivity and deviations from the additivity of electronic polarizability in empirical minerals: Voronoi-Dirichlet method".

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