SCTMS employees won two youth grants Russian Science Foundation (RSF) 
2 July 2019

20160404-01The projects of Artyom Kabanov and Pavel Zolotarev get funding according to the results of the 2019 competition for grants from the Russian Science Foundation (RSF). Pavel became a finalist in a competition to support initiative research of young scientists; Artyom’s application won a competition to support research of research groups under the guidance of young scientists. Both RSF events are part of the Presidential Research Projects Program.

Pavel Zolotarev works with the design of molecular crystals. The subject of his project: "Relationships between physico-chemical properties of solvent and structure of polymorphic modifications of crystals " (19-73-00156). As an expected result of the project, it is planned to single out a set of correlations between the characteristics of solvents and crystal structures, with the help of which it will be possible to make a rational and reasonable selection of solvents with different properties for screening polymorphic modifications of crystals. A set of correlations between properties of solvents and the structure of polymorphs will find practical application in a number of industries and production.

Artem Kabanov is exploring solid electrolytes. His projects title "Theory, methods of modeling and directional search for a new multivalent ionic conductors by crystallochemical analysis methods and quantum-mechanical modeling" (19-73-10026). Duration of the project is three years with further possible prolongation. A group of SCTMS members will be involved into the project together with Artem. The main goal of the project is to study the mechanisms of increasing ionic conductivity in crystals and the search for high-valence ionic conductors that can be used in new generation of metal-ion batteries and fuel cells.