1st International School on Advanced Porous Materials (Como, Italy) 
20 June 2019

20190620-01Prof. Vladislav Blatov, the director of SCTMS with the Scientific Advisor Prof. Davide M Proserpio participate as invited speakers at the 1st International School on Advanced Porous Materials, which takes place in Como (villa del Grumello, Italy) from 17 to 21 June 2019.

The main subject of the school is a new and very promising class of porous materials – metal-organic frameworks (MOF). The school attends 60 participants – students, graduate students and young scientists from around the world as well as the widely recognized scientists in the field of modeling, synthesis and investigation of MOFs.

On June 18, Prof. Vladislav Blatov gave a lecture on the use of computer methods, programs and databases in modeling and studies of new MOFs. Together with Prof. Davide Proserpio from the University of Milan, the SCTMS leader held a four-hour workshop on the applications of the software (the ToposPro program package) and databases developed at SCTMS and aimed at investigation of MOFs and other porous materials.

The tasks of the SCTMS collaboration with one of the leading scientific groups in the field (headed by Professor O. M. Yaghi) from the University of California (Berkeley, USA) were discussed. They reached an agreement on the organization of the school at the University of California (February 2020), which would be devoted to the study of the software developed at SCTMS.

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