The project of Dr. Evgeny Alexandrov received grant support from the President of the Russian Federation 
29 March 2019

20150118-21The application of Dr.Evgeny Alexandrov was among the winners of the 2019 competition in state support of young Russian PhD scientists in the direction of “Chemistry, new materials and chemical technologies”. The application from SCTMS of Samara Polytech was the only among the winners in this direction from Samara.

The co-executor of the work on the grant is Andrey Golov, SCTMS junior research scientist, and for the next two years (2019 - 2020) scientists will work on the topic “Design concept of coordination polymers with core building units”.

Evgeny and Andrey have already begun to develop a fundamentally new concept for the design of coordination polymers, which for the first time will make it possible to predict the structure of coordination polymers with infinite building blocks in crystalline structures. This concept will open up new directions for the development of chemistry and materials science of crystalline coordination polymers associated with the search (and synthesis) of mechanically and chemically more stable materials based on them. It may also lead to improved materials for the separation, storage and processing of natural gas.

Among the expected results of the study is the creation of three databases — the Base of Grids and the Base of Building Blocks and Linkers, as well as the Base of Hypothetical Coordination Polymers.