Artem Samtsevich researching at SCTMS 
23 November 2018

20181122-02On November 19-24, 2018, Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science is hosting a PhD student and a staff member of Computational Materials Discovery Design of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) Artem Samtsevich. His mission to SCTMS is aimed at studying tungsten borides and discussing a prospective research paper.

The young researcher is engaged in prediction of novel materials’ structures and description of phase transitions under supervision of Prof. Artem Oganov. Artem Samtsevich participated in scientific schools held by SCTMS scientists. He is visiting SCTMS for the second time to study ToposPro software package and perform joint research work. Currently Artem is working on prediction of phase transitions in novel superhard phases of tungsten borides.