Prof. Blatov gave a report at Forum MGE in China 
18 October 2018

20181016-04Within four-week business trip to China Prof. Vladislav Blatov participated in the Second Forum of Materials Genome Engineering held on October 14-16, 2018 in Beijing. More than 100 scientists from China, UK, USA, Japan and Germany took part in the forum.

Prof. Vladislav Blatov gave the report “Topological design of new materials: methods, tools, and examples” as an invited speaker.

“I reported at the forum as the only one representative of Russian science and as an associate professor of the Northwestern Polytechnic University (Xian). Our scientific contacts with China are strengthening and my participation in Forum MGE is a vivid evidence of it. In 2012, China initiated Materials Genome Program aimed at acceleration of new materials development by means of computer tools for their prediction and design. Although there is no such program in Russia, we have been working in materials science area for 30 years. I am sure that after the forum a number of Chinese colleagues using our software and databases will increase”.