Prof. Vladislav Blatov gave lectures at the 15th USPEX Workshop 
25 September 2018

20180924-02Prof. Vladislav Blatov gave lectures within the 15th Workshop “Crystal structure prediction using USPEX code” (September 17-19, 2018, Skoltech, Moscow, Russia).

His two lectures “Topological methods in crystal chemistry” and “Topological methods for predicting phase transition mechanisms” were dedicated to application of topological methods in crystal chemistry and prediction of phase transitions.

Prof. Artem Oganov, Prof. Qiang Zhu and Vladimir Baturin organized the workshop. About forty undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate students and young researchers from Russia took part in the workshop. Foreign participants came from PR China, the UK, Italy, Belgium, Poland and other countries.

“We’ve been closely cooperating with Prof. Artem Oganov from Skoltech for about five years, - Prof. Vladislav Blatov comments. – His USPEX software system is recognized as the most effective system for prediction of novel materials. However, there is no limit to perfection – we are planning to advance predictive capabilities of USPEX by means of topological data on crystal structures and algorithms employed in ToposPro software package. We have already performed initial activities in this field and our joint research paper will be published soon”.