Anna Sinelshchikova came to SCTMS 
24 September 2018

20180920-02Anna Sinelshchikova, a senior research scientist of the Laboratory of New Physicochemical Problems of A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), is currently working at Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science.

Anna Sinelshchikova’s scientific interests are focused on physicochemistry of nano- and supramolecular systems. At present, she is doing the research of structural characteristics and properties of porphyrin metal-organic polymers supported by the Russian Science Foundation. Anna Sinelshchikova plans to perform topological systematization of such compounds.

Anna took part in two scientific schools on ToposPro held by SCTMS. Currently she is mastering ToposPro at advanced level that enables her to determine crystallochemical regularities in composition of coordination polymers and their correlation with properties of such materials.