Prof. Davide Proserpio made a working visit to SCTMS 
21 September 2018

20180920-01On September 8-16, 2018, Prof. Davide Proserpio (the University of Milan) made a working visit to Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science. The scientists of SCTMS and Prof. Proserpio discussed several projects concerning the study of metal-organic frameworks.

At present, SCTMS scientists are actively involved in the development of five research projects focused on MOFs. “We discussed the current activities on the development of novel low-dimensional materials and materials containing entanglements”, - Prof. Proserpio commented the purposes of his visit.

Researching structural peculiarities of MOFS with rods is one of the “hottest” topics, and the scientists plan to accomplish its development current year. “Such MOFs are hybrid materials, - Eugeny Alexandrov, the main developer of the topic, said. – Such frameworks contain infinite inorganic chains as structural building units bonded with organic binders. Our scientific interest is to find out how such rods occur: under what conditions, with which ligands and metals; how they coordinate in 3-periodic framework; what properties such materials can possess”.

The scientists intend to perform more complete systematics – at present over 1800 rod-containing frameworks have been revealed with the aid of ToposPro. Prof. Davide Proserpio contributed to the classification and gave many ideas about what parameters should be considered in the classification.

During his stay in Samara Prof. Proserpio took part in the workshop of SCTMS staff. He reported on his participation in the conference “Bond-node structures: rigidity, combinatorics and chemistry” held in June 4-6, 2018 in Lancaster University (UK) and about new field of graph theory application in crystal chemistry.