Prof. Blatov is among plenary speakers of SMARTER6 
7 September 2018

20180905-01Prof. Vladislav Blatov gave the plenary report on modeling methods of porous materials at the 6th SMARTER meeting held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on September 2-6, 2018.

The SMARTER meeting is dedicated to theoretical and experimental research methods of solid structures. Seventy five participants attanded the current meeting that was held at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (FCCT, Ljubljana). The areas under duscussion were spectrocopy, crystallography, structural chemistry, etc. Prof. Blatov was among the plenary speakers and made the report “A topological model of framework assemblage for predicting new zeolites”.

“I like such thematic conferences most of all, - Prof. Blatov comments. - as there are few paricipants and most of them you know personally. It is a good reason to discuss cooperation opportunities. Large conferences, in particular ICCC2018 (2,5 thousand participats) or ECM31 (1 thousand participants) I attanded current summer, are more likely advertising platforms for your achievements. Then participants meet in a calm atmosphere and discuss in detail how they can be useful to each other in scientific researches. Ljubljana is a perfect venue: a small and peaceful city immersed in the green, excellent organization and faciities. Here we and our colleagues from the University of Leuven (Belgium) agreed to cooperate in the area of development of synthesis methods of novel zeolite-like materials”.