Artem Kabanov took part in ISSFIT-13 
13 July 2018

20180712-01Artem Kabanov, a senior research scientist of Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science, took part in the 13th International Symposium on Systems with Fast Ionic Transport (ISSFIT-13) held on July 3-7, 2018 in Minsk (Belorussia).

The conference attracted participants from Germany, France, UK, Poland, Holland, Israel, Slovenia, Latvia, Belorussia, Russia and other countries. Russian delegation, one of the most numerous, comprised representatives of scientific institutions of Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Syktyvkar, Moscow and Samara.

Traditionally ISSFIT is dedicated to the latest achievements in the area of ionic conductors. Present year most reports were devoted to the search and study of new anionic conductors for solid oxide fuel cells. Artem Kabanov presented the report “Possible routes for searching and simulating ion-conducting compounds” describing his experience of searching and modeling of cationic crystalline conductors.

“Participation in ISSFIT enabled me to communicate with scientists from across the world and learn current developments in the present area, - Artem Kabanov comments, - Some participants expressed a wish to do a joint research. During the symposium I also met my collaboration partners and discussed our work plan”.

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