Tatiana Akhmetshina and the research group of Dr. Pavlo Solokha synthesized a new intermetallic structure 
1 June 2018

20180601-03Tatiana Akhmetshina, a research assistant of SCTMS, was on long-term mission (From April 16 till My 11) at the University of Genoa (Italy) where she performed synthesis of intermetallides.

The work was implemented jointly with the Associate Professor of the Department of Inorganic and Industrial Chemistry Dr. Pavlo Solokha and his research group. The scientists worked on synthesis of intermetallides in systems scandium- aluminium-palladium (Sc-Al- Pd), scandium-ferrum (Sc-Fe) and thoroughly analyzed obtained samples. Moreover, the scientists continued the study of intermetallides with Mackay clusters and discussed a joint article’s structure and content.

Tatiana considers the synthesis of a new structure as a main result of her research trip: “We succeeded to perform a series of synthesis works and obtained two new structures which we will research and examine their properties”.

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