PhD Emanuele Priola interning at SCTMS 
21 May 2018

20180514-01From May 8 until June 6, 2018 PhD Emanuele Priola from the University of Turin (Italy) is doing an internship under scientific supervision of Prof. Vladislav Blatov at Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science (SCTMS).

Dr. Emanuele Priola acquired PhD degree in March 2017. He is an expert in the field of coordination polymers and his dissertation topic is «Coordination polymers built by linear building blocks». Dr. Priola is a contributor to 13 research papers published in international journals and is a member of several Italian (SCI and AIC) and international (IUCR, ACS and IUPAC) research associations in chemistry and crystallography.

The main aim of Dr. Priola’s internship is conduction of joint research dedicated to comparative analysis of crystal matters’ models by means of Voronoi partitioning and the Hirshfeld surface analysis. The research group, which will work together with Dr. Priola comprises senior research scientists Aleksandr Shevchenko and Eugeny Alexandrov, junior research scientists Pavel Zolotarev and Andrey Golov.

On May 10, 2018 Emanuele Priola made a report concerning both his PhD dissertation topic and upcoming research issues being conducted with SCTMS scientists - «Hirshfeld surface molecular partitioning of the crystal space: an overview and applications». He reported on application of molecular analysis of crystal space by the method of Hirshfeld surface molecular partitioning. “I hope the cooperation will be mutually fruitful for Emanuele and SCTMS, - Vladislav Blatov comments, - comparative analysis of crystallochemical analysis methods of Voronoi-Dirichlet partition of crystal space and Hirshfeld surface is poorly covered in scientific literature at the moment and is promising sphere of research”.