Eugeny Aleksandrov and Aleksandr Shevchenko held a lecture on big data analysis within SciCraft Samara 2018 
24 April 2018

20180424-03On April 19, 2018, SCTMS scientists gave the lecture “Big data analysis and new materials design” within the Science Craft School. Audience members learnt specific aspects of working with big data in specific areas of science.

Eugeny Aleksandrov gave a talk on how SCTMS researchers predict and analyze properties of concrete materials applying databases and expert systems and exemplified the lecture by zeolites and MOFs. Zeolites may be used as catalysts and adsorbents, solid electrolytes and cathode materials for electric accumulators; MOFs can accumulate gas.

Aleksandr Shevchenko told the audience about various software packages for big data analysis in different fields of science, about computer-aided instruction in materials science and shared with the participants a list of links to big data sources.

It is significant that the program of the school mainly aimed at discussion of research promotion, included several activities dedicated to current research methods in materials science. During the school Anna Vologzhanina, a senior research scientist of A.N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences gave the lecture “The software packages of Cambridge Structural Data Centre in academic activities and research in Chemistry, Materials Science and Pharmacy”