Research article of SCTMS scientists joined the rank of the most cited articles of the CrystEngComm Journal in 2017 
12 January 2018

20180111-04The research paper «How 2-periodic coordination networks are interweaved: entanglement isomerism and polymorphism» of Dr. Eugeny Alexandrov, Prof. Vladislav Blatov and Prof. Davide M. Proserpio is among three most cited reviews dedicated to coordination polymers and metal-organic networks published in CrystEngComm in 2017.

The article has been already mentioned in the topic “Editors’ choice” of the official blog of CrystEngComm. Currently, the paper being the most cited in the area of “Coordination networks” appeared among the leaders.

CrystEngComm is the journal for innovative research covering all aspects of crystal engineering – the design, synthesis, crystallisation, and evaluation of solid-state materials with desired properties. The editorial board members are leading researchers in these fields including Prof. Tong-Bu Lu (PR China), Prof. Omar Farha (USA) and others.