SCTMS scientists’ research article published in the Accounts of Chemical Research 
11 January 2018

20171230-04The research article of SCTMS scientists “Topology of intermetallic structures: from statistics to rational design” was published in web-version of the Accounts of Chemical Research (ACR), one of the most cited scientific journals in chemistry. Impact Factor of ACR in 2016 achieved 20.268.

Team of contributors included SCTMS research assistant Tatiana Akhmetshina, Prof. Vladislav Blatov, Prof. Davide M. Proserpio, and a senior research scientist Aleksandr Shevchenko.

The research article is devoted to intermetallic compounds, the substances made only of metal atoms. The authors explored the structural chemistry of intermetallics with the use of multipurpose crystallochemical program package ToposPro and nanocluster approach. They also analyzed the main structural units of intermetallics. The authors provided the statistics on coordination polyhedra and revealed the correlation between different building blocks in structures. They also showed that the proposed approach could easily adopt any other building model and hence could become a platform for a universal predictive scheme for modeling intermetallics and for synthesis of new intermetallic compounds.

“The Accounts of Chemical Research of American Chemical Society”, - Vladislav Blatov, comments, - is an unusual journal as invited authors prepare almost all articles published. The journal editors choose authors among the leading scientists in a certain area of chemistry. The invitation of editors does not mean the article will be published; three international experts review every article. We consider the invitation from the ACR and three excellent reviews of our article as a recognition of SCTMS achievements in the research of intermetallic compounds. We are proud of the work performed not least because the ACR publishes articles of Russian scientists very seldom, 1-2 articles annually at the most”.