Pavel Zolotarev presented his dissertation at PhD completion seminar 
12 December 2017

20171207-02On December 6, 2017, the meeting of the Department of Physical Chemistry and Chromatography and SCTMS was held. Pavel Zolotarev presented his PhD dissertation at the meeting.

Pavel is a junior research scientist of SCTMS, a 4th year PhD student, preparing his PhD thesis under scientific supervision of Prof. Vladislav Blatov. The research interests of Pаvel Zolotarev include crystal chemistry, intermolecular interactions and topological analysis methods. His dissertation “Structural descriptors and correlation between some physical properties of hydrogen-bonded molecular crystals” aroused a great number of questions and intensive discussions of the department and SCTMS members. Many of them emphasized a high level of Pavel Zolotarev’s scientific research and developments. It has been unanimously decided to recommend the dissertation for the defence. The dissertation is to be defended in the major 02.00.04 Physical Chemistry.