The article of SCTMS researchers is among editors’ choices of CrystEngComm 
30 November 2017

20171128-01The official blog of CrystEngComm posted the message “Check out our editors’ choice of recent articles” with the list of the most significant articles over the last three years. The article of SCTMS researchers is included in the list.

The article of Eugeny V. Alexandrov, Vladislav A. Blatov and Davide M. Proserpio «How 2-periodic coordination networks are interweaved: entanglement isomerism and polymorphism» published on March 15, 2017 was highly esteemed by CrystEngComm editorial board. The editorial board members made a pointed reference to the analytical approach of the authors to the classification of 2-periodic coordination networks, the new type of isomerism in coordination networks and the application of ToposPro software package developed at SCTMS and freely available for scientific community. The article is a valuable source of information for crystallographers and chemists interested in coordination polymers.

CrystEngComm is the journal for innovative research covering all aspects of crystal engineering – the design, synthesis, crystallisation, and evaluation of solid-state materials with desired properties. The editorial board members are leading researchers in these fields including Prof. Tong-Bu Lu (PR China), Prof. Omar Farha (USA) and others.