Natalia Kabanova participated in the International conference in Skoltech 
3 October 2017

20171003-04SCTMS researcher Natalia Kabanova came back from the 2nd International conference “Topical Problems of Modern Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Materials Science”.

The conference organized by the Skoltech Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Lomonosov Moscow State University was held on September 17-20, 2017 in Moscow. The goal of the conference was to overview the current progress and achievements of young scientists in advancing energy storage research. The conference program offered the participants to discuss a broad variety of topics: elucidation of thermodynamic and kinetic process in electrode materials, search for and synthesis of new electrode materials for advanced metal-ion batteries, new electrolyte systems, theoretical modeling and simulation of electrochemical processes at the electrode/electrolyte interface.

Natalia Kabanova presented the poster “Prospective cation-conductive inorganic compounds for electrochemical energy storage” describing her work on targeted search for potential argentum and potassium-containing solid electrolytes, non-conventional materials for new chemical generators.