Tatiana Akhmetshina and Andrey Goltsev joined the ranks of 300 best students and postgraduates of Russia 
3 October 2017

20170928-03Research assistants of SCTMS Tatiana Akhmetshina and Andrey Goltsev became scholars of the Russian Federation President. The Selection Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia published the list of winners who showed considerable academic and scientific achievements.

The research, Tatiana Akhmetshina conducts, is dedicated to new methods of analysis of intermetallic compounds, which are widely applied in rocket and aerospace engineering, automobile industry and other fields of technology. Her research area is quite relevant and prospective, as this class of compounds is still underexplored. Tatiana Akhmetshina published the research results in the most prestigious scientific journal “Inorganic Chemistry”.

Andrey Goltsev performs research work in the field of crystal chemistry and materials science of coordination polymers. He presented the research results on the world leading conferences. Andrey took the best poster award at the 8th National Crystallographic Conference. He takes part in the implementation of several grant projects funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Russian Science Foundation.