Prof. Davide Proserpio in Samara 
2 July 2017

20170630-01Scientific advisor of the Russian Government’s Megagrant, Prof. Davide Proserpio arrived to SCTMS on a working visit. His mission will last from June 26 till July 2, 2017.

During a week in SCTMS Prof. Proserpio has scheduled to summarize the research results that were achieved since his previous visit in February 2017. Among the results are research papers prepared jointly with SCTMS researchers and the analysis of research results that were conducted jointly with Prof. Vladislav Blatov at the University of Milan in May 2017.

An essential part of the visit is dedicated to preparation for the conference “Advanced Carbon NanoStructures” (ACNS'2017, Saint Petersburg, July 3-9) where Prof. Proserpio will conduct an oral report and SCTMS research assistant Adrey Golov will present a poster presentation.

On June 27, 2017 at SCTMS Prof. Proserpio took part in a seminar where SCTMS researchers presented scientific reports. Among the reporters were Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Aleksandr Garin, Roman Eremin, Pavel Zolotarev anf Nadezhda Nekrasova.